Symantec Safeguard Cloud Office 365 bolt-on

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We are now offering a new product for filtering email spam.
Symantec are leaders in anti-malware protection. Safeguard your cloud-based email with our industry-leading threat and anti-spam protection for Office 365.

Due to the increased spam and emails with malicious links and attachments, we would like to offer this Office 365 bolt-on. It won't completely block malicious emails but will help. uses multiple proprietary and third-party technologies to provide in-depth defences and protection. Symantec Safeguard.Cloud contains both antivirus and anti-spam and content and image control, the benefits of which are as follows:

• SMTP traffic heuristics and shaping
• Symantec Intelligence supporting malware, URL, spam, phishing, and targeted attack protection
• Multilayer malware analysis
• Skeptic heuristics
• Sandbox analysis
• URL link following
• Bulk mail control for solicited messages (for example newsletters)
• 99 percent anti-spam effectiveness, 0.0003 percent accuracy target supported by SLA
• End user email notifications for quarantine management
• Enforce acceptable use policies
• Granular control by user, group, and domain
• Identify and control confidential or inappropriate content
• Scanning within email header subject, body, and attachment
• File format aware content scanning for attachment such as Office, PDF, and compressed file types
• Restrict by time, size, and number of attachments
• Keywords, dictionaries, and thresholds
• Administrator, sender, and recipient notification options
• Image composition analysis
• Image signatures
• Facial recognition
• Body positioning analysis 
• Texture analysis
• Flesh tone detection

If you would like further information or pricing details please get in touch.