Unleashing Neslo Partitioning

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Unjamit is pleased to say the roll-out of Unleashed Software at Neslo Partitioning has been completed with great success and happy users. Neslo are thrilled with their new stock system and are even considering increasing the number of users. Here are some of the comments from the users:

"It's made the whole manufacturing process smoother for us, from beginning to end".

"Long gone are the numerous spreadsheets".

"Now all of our information is in the same place and we are all looking at the same figures!

"Clive was amazing throughout the transition onto Unleashed. He guided us (very patiently!) through the whole process from beginning to end".

"I love how you can completely customise your documentation to your exact specifications".

To see how Unleashed can Unjam your business, get in touch today.